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using the latest technological advances in diagnostic, microscopic and ultrasonic equipment.

Endodontic Services

Our dentists specialize in root canal therapy, which may become necessary if the pulp of your tooth has become inflamed or infected. As endodontists, we try to save your tooth as an alternative to extraction. Our endodontic services include:


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Our Endodontists

Brian S. Kuz, D.M.D.
Brian S. Kunz
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Craig A. Hurtt, D.M.D.
Craig A. Hurtt
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Toni Chen, D.M.D.
Toni Chen
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Our Newest Technology: Fotona Laser

Discover the revolutionary impact of laser technology at Main Line Endodontics. Our commitment to advanced care is exemplified through the utilization of laser dentistry in our root canal treatments, enhancing cleaning efficacy for optimal outcomes. Utilizing safe and non-thermal laser energy, our approach activates both photoacoustic cleansing and natural healing.

Benefit from the precision and minimally invasive nature of lasers, surpassing traditional dental technologies. Our experienced doctors at Main Line Endodontics employ cutting-edge laser techniques, including SWEEPS®, powered by Fotona's LightWalker® Er:YAG laser. This innovative technology ensures a thorough cleansing of the tooth's internal structures, delivering superior results and expediting healing times.

Embark on a new era of health-focused endodontic treatments as our valued patient. Join us at Main Line Endodontics to explore the advantages of revolutionary laser dentistry and elevate your dental experience. WATCH VIDEO